What is T20 Cricket?

What is T20 cricket? Well, this article will try to explain what Twenty20 is all about. It is an abbreviated form of Twenty-Twenty, which stands for Twenty20 International Cricket. Twenty20 is the name given to this competitive sport that has grown in popularity across many countries in recent times.

Twenty20 cricket is played between two teams with 11 players in each side. Twenty20 is a shortened version of the full cricket which has been introduced in the inter-conference competition for the Indian Premier League. In a Twenty20 match, the two sides can have only a single over per team per day. This is generally enough to determine which team is in first position and which team is in last position. The matches are played in a week long rotation, hence the name “rotation” behind” Twenty20″.

T20 cricket is played in different countries such as Australia, Bangladesh, India, New Zealand, Pakistan and the West Indies. The last two have been known to introduce a little bit of fun and entertainment into their cricket matches. Cricket is a very pure game; you do not use any kind of gambling or luck to affect your results. So what is T20 cricket all about?