Covering The Basics: All You Need To Know About Photography

Photography is a beautiful art form and practice that for many transcends the realm of being a mere hobby to that of being a fruitful profession. Like other industries and art forms, photography offers a lot of variety. Consequently, there are different kinds of photography, as well as different kinds of occasions for which we will require the services of a photographer. However, for the purposes of this blog, we will be focusing on the most popular kinds of photography and how you can go about hiring the best photographer to suit your tastes, occasion and budget.

Popular And Unique Kinds Of Photography

All photography is not created equal, and each sub-group within the photography industry, will require for the most part a completely unique and different set of skills and photography equipment. As such, the area that a photographer opts to work in will determine his or her training. In most cases, the different kinds of photography that exist tend to get their names from the subject of the photography. For example, a photographer who primarily works in the fashion industry and photographs subjects therein, tend to work in the area of fashion photography. Some of the most popular and unique types of photography include (but are not limited to) the following:

– Fashion Photography: focuses on capturing images of fashion models at work. This may be at staged fashion photo shoots or even runway shows among other options.

– Landscape Photography: captures pictures of land masses of all sorts.

– Aerial Photography: speaks to capturing pictures/snapshots with a view from the sky.

– Sports/Action Photography: captures live images and memorable moments from sporting events of all levels and varieties.

– Macro Photography: captures photographs at very close range in order to maximize the intricacies of a photography element or subject.

– Wildlife Photography: focuses on capturing breathtaking images of wildlife and other such elements within nature.

– Event Photography: focuses on capturing the memorable moments that occur during events including weddings, graduations, concerts and so much more.

A Photographer Just For You

Naturally, because there are so many sub-fields in the photography industry, it is important for those seeking to hire a photographer to be clear regarding what they want. Yes, photography skills can in some cases overlap sub-fields. However, generally speaking, if you need a wedding photographer for example, then one should seek out an event photographer. Doing so will go a long way in helping to ensure that you hire a professional that is directly skilled in that area. That is, a photographer who has honed his or her craft where that particular area is concerned and is an expert in the sub-field. Once you know what you are looking for regarding skill sets, you can now go and consider the boxes that must be checked before contracting or hiring a photographer. Some of these include (among others):

– Level of skill
– Efficiency
– Work Ethic (Professionalism)
– Previous Work (Portfolio)

All of the above can be summed up in one word — competency. Skilled workers should be vetted before hire. This can be done by looking at reviews from previous clients and looking at the photographer’s (or company’s) track record, doing a web search and so much more. Your options are endless.