Build Your Own Baby Gift Hamper

There are few things in life worth celebrating more than the arrival of a newborn child. Particularly for first-time parents, this can be a very overwhelming experience since there is so much to know and learn, and you have to do it on a completely disrupted schedule with little or no sleep on top of that.

With these thoughts in mind, many people like to gift their new-parent friends and relatives with a Baby Gift hamper. Traditionally, this comprises a wicker basket filled with those baby essentials that will come in handy, as well as some darling little toys for the child.

Now this may sound like a box of Pampers would be the perfect newborn baby gift, and in a way it would be since it is something that is definitely going to be needed in quantity for years to come. But a baby hamper is more about celebration and giving rather than strict commercialised utility. For those who have already been the recipients of such a thoughtful gift, it is not hard to select the items that would make up the contents of the hamper. Not everyone has been so fortunate however, so a few ideas would probably be welcome for those who are having their first encounter with this charming and ancient custom.

To begin with, the first thing you need for a Baby Gift hamper is an actual hamper. This is a wicker basket that was once used for things like going to market or carrying picnic staples to the park. Now they are mostly ornamental in nature. These hampers should not be confused with the furniture accessory also known as a hamper, which is used for such things as holding dirty laundry. Most craft stores offer a nice selection for you to choose from. Once you have the actual hamper, you can decorate it in an appropriate fashion using ribbons and bows and soft bedding material inside—perhaps a cuddly muslin baby blanket.

With the hamper itself ready to go, all you need is a selection of gender-appropriate baby things to stock it with. A nice stuffed animal could perhaps serve as the centrepiece of the effort. Around this, you can display items somewhat along the lines of a flower arrangement, only using things such as nice bodysuits, warm socks, and cute little baby mittens to construct your display from. Add some essentials such as a baby rattle and perhaps a pacifier and a warm little hat.

You can also drop in a nice comfort gift for the new mother as well. This could take the form of something like a pretty birthstone ring or necklace to commemorate her baby’s arrival. Maybe some bath salts and a candle. In short, the idea is to be both welcoming and supportive of the new parent who is about to embark on the great adventure of life.

The one principle to keep in mind is that a full but small basket will always look better than a large but sparsely-endowed basket—even if it actually has more items in it. Try to tailor your contents to the size of your basket.

To purchase a pre-made, beautiful baby hamper, visit a store like Milly & Henry. They offer a fantastic range of gourmet hampers which will save you time & money.